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The 27th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics (IWMS-2019)

6-9 June, 2019, Shanghai, China

The 27th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, IWMS-2019, will be held at over the period 6-9 June 2019 at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Shanghai, China.

On behalf of the International Organizing Committee and the Local Organizing Committee we have much pleasure in extending a very cordial invitation to participate this workshop.

This series of Workshops has a long history and we welcome the opportunity to hold the workshop once again in China. The 19th Workshop was held in Shanghai in 2010 and was a resounding success as was the 24th Workshop in Haikou. We are sure that this 27th Workshop will also continue in the same tradition.

The purpose of the Workshop is to stimulate research and, in an informal setting, to foster the interaction of researchers in the interface between statistics and matrix theory. The Workshop will provide a forum through which statisticians may be better informed of the latest developments and newest techniques in linear algebra and matrix theory and may exchange ideas with researchers from a wide variety of countries.

As well as range of plenary speakers we are to strengthening the interactions between participants by organizing a range of minisymposia in various specialist areas.

We do hope we have the opportunity to meet in Shanghai.

Jeffrey J. Hunter

Chair, International Organizing Committee

27th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics

Yonghui Liu

Chair, Local Organizing Committee

27th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics

Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers (In an alphabetical order)

  • Oskar Maria Baksalary (Poland)

  • Rajendra Bhatia (India)

  • Kai-Tai Fang (Hong Kong, China)

  • Shuangzhe Liu (Australia)

  • Jianxin Pan (UK)

  • K. Manjunatha Prasad (India)

  • Yongge Tian (China)

  • Fuzhen Zhang (USA)

  • Shurong Zheng (China)

  • Lixing Zhu (Hong Kong, China)


Mini-symposia with the confirmed speakers:

  • Decompositions of Tensor Spaces with Applications to Multilinear Models (Organizer: Dietrich von Rosen)
    • Jianhua Hu (China)
    • Martin Singull (Sweden)
    • Feng Li (China)
    • Chengcheng Hao (China)
  • Linear Statistical Models and Multivariate Analysis (Organizer: Simo Puntanen)
    • Changyu Lu (China)
    • Kimmo Vehkalahti (Finland)
    • Jianwen Xu (China)
    • Simo Puntanen (Finland)
  • Inference in Parametric Models (Organizer: Julia Volaufova)
    • Lynn Roy LaMotte (USA)
    • Julia Volaufova (USA)
    • Yuli Liang (Sweden)
  • Predictive Modelling and Diagnostics (Organizer: Shuangzhe Liu)
    • Shimizu Kunio (Japan)
    • Ong Seng Huat (Malaysia)
    • Tatjana von Rosen (Sweden)
    • Lei Shi (China)
    • Tiefeng Ma (China)
    • Fukang Zhu (China)
  • Experimental Design (Organizer: Kai-Tai Fang)
    • A.M. Elsawah (China)
    • Yu Tang (China)
    • Aijun Zhang (Hong Kong, China)
    • Yongdao Zhou (China)
  • Statistical Modeling for Complex Data (Organizer: Rui Li)
    • Guanfu Liu (China)
    • Caiyun Fan (China)
    • Yan Fan (China)
    • Hongmei Lin (China)
    • Huiling Yuan (China)
  • The 4th international mini-symposium on Magic squares, prime numbers and postage stamps (Organizer: George Styan)
    • ``An introduction to some magic squares by Paul Daniels and by Steve Martin, and to the Kostabi/Leigh Bereshit bara Elohim drawing Nova Ratio for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, all illustrated philatelically'' by Ka Lok Chu, Simo Puntanen & George P. H. Styan


International Organizing Committee (IOC) of IWMS-2019

  • Jeffrey J. Hunter (New Zealand) (Chair)
  • Dietrich von Rosen (Sweden)(Vice-Chair)
  • George P. H. Styan (Canada) (Honorary Chair)
  • S. Ejaz Ahmed (Canada)
  • Francisco Carvalho (Portugal)
  • Katarzyna Filipiak (Poland)
  • Daniel Klein (Slovakia)
  • Augustyn Markiewicz (Poland)
  • Simo Puntanen (Finland)
  • Julia Volaufova (USA)
  • Hans Joachim Werner (Germany)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Yonghui Liu (Chair)
  • Hui Liu (Vice-Chair)
  • Chengcheng Hao
  • Cihai Sun

Program (Updated!)

Program Booklet

Local Arrangements

  1. Registration:
    • June 5 (Wednesday) 13:00-19:00 Hotel Lobby, Brawway Hotel, Gubei Rd. 456, Shanghai.
    • June 6 (Thursday) 8:30am-12:00am, Room 317 Zonghe Building, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics Gubei Campus, Gubei Rd. 620, Shanghai.
  2. Welcome Dinner: June 5 (Wednesday) 18:00-20:00 Zhuang Yuan Lou Restaurant.
  3. Conference opening ceremony ( followed by Group Photo): June 6 (Thursday) 9:30am-10:00am, Room 317 Zonghe Building.
  4. Conference Banquet: June 7 (Friday) 18:00-21:00, Zhuang Yuan Lou Restaurant.
  5. Conference closing: June 9 (Sunday) 12:00-12:15, Room 317 Zonghe Building.

Important Dates

  • Registration begins: April 15, 2019
  • Deadline for registration: May 6, 2019 May 15, 2019
  • Abstract submission begins: April 6, 2019
  • Deadline for abstract submission: May 6, 2019 May 15, 2019

  • IWMS-2019: June 6-9, 2019

Registration fee

Registration fee covers conference materials, coffee/tea breaks, all meals and one banquet during the conference. It does not cover the accommodation.

  Participators Students
Foreign participants USD 300 USD 150
Chinese participants RMB 1000 RMB 500

Plenary speakers, members of IOC and invited speakers of mini-symposia are free of registration fee.

Conference Venue

The Workshop will take place at the Room 317 Zonghe building of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics Gubei Campus (上海对外经贸大学 - 古北校区 - 综合楼317), located in the center of Hongqiao business area.

The dinning room is on the second floor of Zonghe Building.

It's just 10 minutes' drive from Hongqiao Airport, Hongqiao railway station, 45 minutes from Pudong International Airport, and near metro network.

The visiting address is:

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics Gubei Campus

Gubei Road 620

Changning District, Shanghai


There are many options nearby as to accommodations.

We suggest:

For Brawway Hotel, please download the Hotel Reservation Form and return it to the hotel 176541437@qq.com to make the reservation, for special price during the conference. The number of room is limited.


Plenary Speakers

Mini-symposia Speakers

Contributory Speakers

Other Participants

  1. Chuanfu Xiao (Peking University, China)
  2. Jian Shi (Hebei University, China)
  3. Yuanyang Zhu (Chongqing University, China)
  4. Ling Tang (Chongqing University, China)
  5. Guikai Hu (East China University of Technology, China)
  6. Hanyu Li (Chongqing University, China)
  7. Bo Jiang (Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, China)
  8. Hongxing Wang (Guangxi University for Nationalities, China)
  9. Hongjie Jiang (Guangxi University for Nationalities, China)
  10. Jing Fu (Chongqing University of Science and Technology, China)
  11. Dandan Jiang (Xi'an JiaoTong University,China)
  12. Lijuan Wang (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, China)
  13. Xiaodong Zhou (Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, China)

Previous Conferences

Tourism Information

The conference venue is close to National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai), Shanghai Mart and Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Centre of int'l Sourcing. The area is surrounded by shopping malls and commercial complexes.

The Official Shanghai China Travel Website

Zhujiajiao Water Town


Email --- Local Organizing Committee:


Organizing Committee of IWMS-2019

School of Statistics and Information,

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics,

Wenxiang Road 1900, Songjiang District,

201620 Shanghai, China

Visa Information

China now requires a letter of invitation for business visas. Once you complete the registration, please fill out the below form and return via email to Dr. Chengcheng Hao (chengcheng(dot)hao(at)outlook(dot)com). An invitation letter will be emailed by April 15, 2019. If returning this form after April 15, 2019, please allow one week response time.


If you have an accompanying person, please complete a separate form.


Abstract Submission

The organizers welcome abstract submissions in matrix theory and statistics. Submissions by young researchers and postgraduate students are encouraged.

Click here to submit and review your abstract!

Your abstract will be reviewed quickly by International Organizing Committee. Once your abstract is accepted you are invited to make a formal registration.

Please use the following LaTeX template to submit your IWMS abstract (PDF file).


All the speakers and participators without an oral presentation please fill in the following online information registration form and make the payment if applicable.

For participators who can not submit registration information online, please download IWMS2019 Registration Form.

Payment Information

All payments must be made in USD (for international participants) or CNY (for local participants). Possible payment methods include Bank transfer (international), PayPal transfer (international), Bank transfer for corporate customers (local), Alipal transfer (local) and on-site payment (local and international).

The receipts / invoices can be obtained and will be available for collection at the conference.

  • Bank transfer (international)
    • Name of Payee: Beijing M.I.C.E. 99 International Co., Ltd.
    • Bank Account: 32201488000052101
    • Beneficiary Bank: Bank of Jiangsu Co.,Ltd
    • Bank Address: No.55 North HongwuRoad,Nanjing,China
    • Intermediary Bank: CITIBANK N.A., NEWYORK
    • Please specify on your monetary transfer: IWMS2019 + FULL NAME
  • PayPal (international)
    • Paypal Account: 2851659978@qq.com
    • Please specify on your monetary transfer: IWMS2019 + FULL NAME
  • Bank transfer for corporate customers (local only)
    • 户名:北京久久国际会展有限公司
    • 账号:349362921441
    • 开户行:中国银行股份有限公司北京建国门外支行
    • 注:此支付方式为银行对公转账,对公账户不接受个人名义汇款。
    • 单位汇款时请备注:IWMS2019+姓名
  • Alipay (local only)
    • 支付宝帐户名: 北京久久国际会展有限公司
    • 支付宝账户号: jiujiuguoji258@163.com
    • Please specify on your monetary transfer: IWMS2019 + FULL NAME
  • On-site payment (local and international)
    • The payment can be made on the day of onsite registration.
    • Alipay, Debit cards and credit cards are accepted for CNY payments.
    • Paypal and Cash are accepted for USD payments.

Important: Please email the transaction information to chengcheng.hao@outlook.com and 13910170348@139.com, as well as the receipt invoice requirements if applicable. Please note that additional bank transfer costs should be paid by the registree.

Cancellation Policy: Cancelled registrations will receive 90% refund. All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to chengcheng.hao@outlook.com, and received by 26 May 2019. No refunds will be provided after this date.